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Borneo Vespa Adventure
Borneo Vespa Adventures

Tour the mystic island of Borneo with the wind on your face while the sun is up in the sky and a Vespa engine roars under your seat.

Yes, this is Borneo Vespa Adventure a travelling experience like no others!!

Join us and together let’s ride out to explore the authentic Borneo on the wheels of the most legendary scooter in the world – the Italian Vespa.

Founded in 2013, BVA offers to adventure travel enthusiasts bespoke single or multi-day motorbike tours of Sabah – Malaysian Borneo. Whether you are renting our Vespas or joining one of our guided tours you are bound to explore rural Borneo and its beauty in all its glory!!

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Ride the legend with us to discover the mystic island of Borneo

Embark on a unique adventure and have the chance to see and discover Sabah as it was meant to be seen – at the wheels of an Italian Vespa.

Uncover scenic roads, rural panoramas, native villages, rice fields, back roads, local markets, loads of fun and much more. Skip all the accommodation and itinerary planning – we have that covered for you. You will only need to pack your bag and get ready for an exhilarating Vespa ride through the wonderful state of Sabah.

Borneo Vespa Adventure has developed professionally guided motorcycle tours for fellow adventure travelers looking to experience Borneo in a different way. Our passionate staff leaves nothing to chance and welcomes any client’s request. Our itineraries are carefully planned for you to fully experience Borneo, however if our tours aren’t what you are looking for we can fully customize for you an unforgettable Vespa adventure.

Email us at info@whoopinggibbon.travel for more info on our adventures, itineraries, tour packages, prices, rental fees and loads more.

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