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Exotic Honeymoons
Exotic Honeymoons

After the fateful “I DO”, indulge with your other half in exotic romance on a Malaysian honeymoon crafted for you by our experts.

At Whooping Gibbon Travel we know that your first holiday as husband and wife it’s something you have been anxiously awaiting. To celebrate your new life together, travel with us on a luxurious honeymoon to Malaysia, the perfect place for a romantic escape.

Relax on pristine beaches and pamper yourself in exclusive spas, dip in turquoise waters, experience great shopping and world class cuisine, discover vibrant cities, explore green lushing jungles,  immerse yourself into a true cultural fusion,  or meet one of Asia’s most remarkable creature, the Orangutan, our list of attractions and activities goes on...

At Whooping Gibbon Travel we purposely collaborate closely with selected hotels and resorts that cater specifically newlywed’s couples, offering tremendous discounts and an eye for the little important details that counts on such occasion.

Night Cabana

Your Tailor Made Honeymoon in Malaysia...

With Whooping Gibbon Travel you can easily create the perfect honeymoon based on your interest and requirements, by combining island retreats, city tours, wildlife safaris, sumptuous hotels and resorts and much more.

Perhaps you would like to spend few days in the exciting capital city of Kuala Lumpur for some great entertainment and exotic food, before escaping for some intimate time with your other half on your own private island? Or maybe you prefer to combine an adventurous wildlife river safari with a unique Vespa tour of North Borneo?

Get in touch now with our friendly team of travel consultants and build with us your ultimate bespoke honeymoon.

Write us at info@whoopinggibbon.travel

When to travel

  • Malaysia experiences tropical climate throughout the year, however certain times are better for different resorts.
  • The West Coast beaches of Langkawi and Penang are best visited between December and April.
  • The East Coast resorts experiences rainy weather in November and December but for the rest of the year are very sunny with sporadically tropical showers.
  • Kuala Lumpur is warm all year round. The hottest months are June, July and August.
  • Borneo is also warm all year round but experiences higher rainfall between November and January.