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Why Book with Us

“Our team has been organizing holidays in Malaysia for many years now!! “ Read on to find out why it’s under our care you should book your holiday.

1) Whooping Gibbon Travel Brings To You A Premier Holiday Destination - Malaysia

Imagine a country that has it all. A unique cultural and religious melting pot, a captivating historical heritage, the world’s oldest rainforest, scenic mountain ranges and pristine beaches, a staggering amount of fauna and flora and a world famous mouth-watering cuisine. Once known as Malaya, the country boasts some of the most spectacular sights on the planet that will thrill you and your travel companions. Click here for more info on Malaysia

2) Your Holiday Is Important To Us.

We know that this is your holiday, that special time of the year where you, come first. At Whooping Gibbon Travel your happiness is of utmost importance. Unlike others we do not take shortcuts, neither compromise quality. Rest assured you’ll be recommending our expertise to your friends and family

3) Our Expertise

Our expertise comes from years of combined work experience in tour operating & hotel management as well as client servicing and business development. Our team members have been organizing and guiding holidays in Malaysia for many years now. Our extensive knowledge of the country puts us many steps ahead among the competitors.

4) Personalized Travel Experience

You can choose from our packaged travel experiences or a 100% bespoke solution. Either way, your trip will be personalized to meet YOUR requirements. These will include your interests and your accommodation preference. We are based in Malaysia. Don’t leave your trip to someone that has never been here. Leave it to fellows travelers.

5) Outstanding Value For Money

As a medium size travel agency, we are able to craft your holiday without incurring into costs and expenses that our larger competitors do. Moreover, the Whooping Gibbon Travel’s business structure is designed to specifically deliver outstanding value for money to its clients.



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